Visual Effects

RP offer all services related to Visual Effects for Film and Commercials. Our focus is on CG elements and their integration, set supervision and FX and simulations.

RP worked on VFX productions like “EU Championship 2016” (CG crowed replication) or “KuDamm’59” (CG set extensions).

Computer Animation

Due to the extensive experience of our partners, RP provide all services in computer animation. Starting from asset creation and animation as well as look-def, surfacing and rendering. RP also provide consultancy for budgeting, production and pipeline of animated production of all sizes.

360° Production

RP realised multiple 360° production.

Design and Industrial Visualisation

RP realised many different visualisation projects with focus on outstanding visuals and cost effective budgeting at the same time.

Layout and PreViz

RP offer Layout and PreViz services for Film and Commercial customers. We pre-visualize life-action scenarios as well as concepts for commercials or film for pre-production or pitches.

As a special service we provide a moveable work unit including artist. For maximum interaction with creative heads we can be on customer side, we can place a unit in a pre-production office, close to storyboard and/or editing inside a client’s office. This offers very short ways for an interactive process and fast and efficient feedback.